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Do Appliances come with the home/condo?

Posted by Danielle in Buying a Home on May 3rd, 2010

I find that many people are concerned with appliances coming with the condo or home they purchase.

To lay it out simply. Resale condominiums and homes may or may not come with the appliances included.  In our MLS listings that we print off  (which better help you make a decision based on solid facts about the home) there is a section for us that lists all of the fixtures and chattel included.

What are the differences between chattle and fixtures and how do we know what stays?

Fixtures are things that are ‘fixed’ or built into the home; cabinets are considered fixtures.

Chattel are things that you can easily take with you. fridge, dishwasher, oven are all considered chattel, electric light fixtures (ELFS), window coverings etc. are too.

With new condos, when you purchase pre-construction you will have the opportunity to choose your appliances. They almost always will have them built into the price. This is done because the spaces in condos are small and only certain appliances will fit.

With new homes this may not be the case. Because new homes have bigger space they do not always offer appliances in the purchase price. The builder will most likely have appliances as a ‘move in bonus’ or an option to purchase them through the company. The builder will do this to make money off of the distributer or may get a wholesale price for you.

So to answer the “Are appliances included” question – the answer is “sometimes”.  This is another great reason to use a salesperson as your buying agent – we know things that the public usually doesn’t – and we have the skills to negotiate for things you may want included -but that the seller wants to keep.

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